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Design characteristics and manufacturing techniques of Mingchuan “buckling disk type steel pipe dismounting stand”.   Six advantages of Mingchuan temporary stand:  1. Most professional design team, three-dimensional modeling, SAP2000 structural stress analysis, defined element structural analysis, professional team of national level-1 registered structural engineer (highest level) of the People's Republic of China.
 2. During the design and production processes, massive structural calculation and demonstration, raw material detection, production process test, on-site bearing force test, game-time safety monitoring; thus the safety is guaranteed.
 3. Abundant of successful performances of temporary stand. The safety can meet the requirement of international top competitions.
 4. Complete supporting product; it can meet various rich temporary facility demands of the competitions.
 5. Powerful product supply ability, and guaranteed temporary stand demand of 80000 seats and above for one time.
 6. Matured product service history and zero accident record.
  The temporary dismounting stand is suitable for holding temporary large competition projects, entertainment activity, meeting, stand of press conference, and other applications in the project.
 Design characteristics:     Upright post buckling disk. Upright post is a pressure-bearing rod of the dismounting stand, and the buckling disk is a key spare part of the buckling disk type dismounting stand; turning edges of inner and outer rings are punched and shaped in one time, so that the buckling disk can reach enough intensity; 8 holes are evenly distributed on the disk; cross rods and oblique rods from 8 directions can be mounted. The axial lines of the vertical rod, the cross rod, and the oblique rod are intersected at one point, the force transmission is clearly in place, free from eccentricity, stable in structure, and good in integrity.       Eight plug holes on the buckling disk have big and small dimensions, the small holes are linked with main stress cross rods so that the rods can bear big binding force, and the big holes are linked with the oblique rods with supporting function, thus the oblique rods can be rapidly and flexibly installed; the cross rods have the adjusting flexibility at a certain angle when the curve dismounting stand is set up. The space of the buckling disk on the vertical rod is 600 mm, it determines the step pitch of the stand, and the reasonable step pitch can improve the instability resistance of the vertical rods.    Cross rod clamp. The cross rod is the one of main stress rods of the dismounting stand, and linked with the buckling disk on the welding vertical rod by the cross rod clamps welded at both ends; through the plug, the cross rods are tightly linked with the vertical rods, and can be self-locked to make the dismounting stand stable. The cross rod clamp is punched and shaped by steel plate, and then welded with the cross rod steel pipe into one; on the basis of ensuring the due intensity, the technical improvement saves raw material, reduces cost, improves the production efficiency, and avoids the safety hidden trouble of the defects existed in the inner part of the steel casting.   Oblique rod clamp. Oblique rods are the supporting stress rod of the dismounting stand, and plays important function in improving the instability resistance and overall stability of the vertical rod. The oblique rods are fixed on the oblique rod clamps at both ends through a bolt and linked with the buckling disk on the vertical rod, and then linked with the vertical rod tightly through the plug, and the oblique rods can be locked independently. The oblique rod clamp is integrally punched and shaped by steel plate as the way of the cross rod clamp; on the basis of ensuring the due intensity, the technical improvement saves raw material, reduces cost, improves the production efficiency, and avoids the safety hidden trouble of the defects existed in the inner part of the steel casting.    Plug. The plug is punched to be a wedge with a certain angle by the steel plate, so as to guarantee that the cross rod and oblique rod clamps prop the vertical rod tightly and locked independently after striking by hammer. The cross rods and oblique rods cannot drop off even though the self-locking state is not reached.           Except for the serial devices of above main stress rods, the company has further researched and produced many specifications of scaffold floor, ladders, block feet, suspending frame, supporting bracket, wall linking rod, adjustable base, adjustable brace, multiple walking wheels for moving the dismounting table, positioning rods for guaranteeing the building intensity and stability, adjusting cross rods for special occasions, and multiple supporting pieces for stand, stage, workbench, and storage rack, with respect of safety, convenience, adaption, serialization, multi-function and others.
  The general dismounting stand applies Φ48mm×3.5mm steel pipe, the special dismounting stand is designed according to the using and stress conditions, so that the multi-function property and multi-purpose property of the buckling disk type dismounting stand can be further expanded to serve for various customers in all aspects.     Product characteristics   1. Multifunctional combination    According to the specific construction requirement, the single-row and double-row dismounting stands in many dimensions can be formed; particularly, the curve layout of large outdoor temporary stage, stadium, large watching stand, large advertisement frame, and exhibition can show modular assembling and flexible multi-functional characteristics.  2. High building and dismounting efficiency    It saves time and labor in building and dismounting stage; it is particularly suitable for building various platform frameworks, the assembling and dismounting speed is 4-8 times faster than that of ordinary stand. The weight of the vertical rod of light and simple buckling disk type dismounting stand is reduced by 6-9% in comparison to the bowl buckling type vertical rod with the equal length specification; therefore, it is light and simple in building and dismounting.  3. Wide adjusting scale   The vertical rod has fixing buckling disk; meanwhile, the moving buckling disk (the moving buckling disk can connect two half buckling disks together through a bolt or a wedge) is installed at any part of the vertical rod, so as to freely adjust the step pitch of the cross rod.  4. Anti-corrosive treatment    The product surface has painted or treated with hot galvanizing, so as to prevent rust and corrosion, reduce the material loss and prolong the service life.  5. Product series standardization    The product has uniform specification and standard and free from scattered and easy-lost members; it is convenient to set up and also convenient to transport and keep.  6. Mounting and dismounting method   In mounting, align the cross rod plug to the buckling disk hole and then push to the buckling disk plane until jacking the vertical rod; then plug the bolt to the buckling disk by hands and go through the bottom part of the plug, and strike it tightly by a hand hammer, so that the cross rods and the vertical rods are firmly connected together. In dismounting, upwards strike from the lower end of the bolt by the hand hammer; after loosening, pull out the bolt by hands, and then easily dismount it.       Design basis:
Load specification of building structure (GB50009-2001)
Design code of steel structure (GBJ50017-2003)
Anti-quake Architectural Structural Design (GB50011-2001)
Design Code of Sports building (JGJ 31-2003)
The stand meets the international EU standard  
The frame body shell meet the following standards of EU [EN12810-1:2003], [EN12810-2:2003], [EN12811-1:2003], [EN12811-2:2004], [EN12811-3:2002].  The stand applies the three-dimensional design :     Authorized detection:     Rich and variable configuration: 1. Standard stand productM O D U L A R G R A N D S TA N D E X A M P L E S     2. Contrast of standard floor type and first-layer raising type stands MODULARG RAN DS TAND EXA MPLE   FIRST ROW AT GROUND LEVEL   FIRST ROW RAISED FROM THE GROUND   3、3. Different combination modes SHAPES AND LAY OUT     4. Multiple audience channel design modes GRANDS TAND ACCESS     5. Selection of stand panel     6. Seat selection:     7. More types of function designs     8. Design of sunshade   Please check website-classical case for more engineering cases
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