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Originate from noble metal  
  As the daily worsening of the earth environment, how to protect environment is the one of the most important tasks of human beings; the sustainable development concept is widely popularized, and the green, energy-saving and environmental-friendly type stand product becomes our ultimate goal. In many selectable structural forms, metal and aluminum alloy structure have incomparable superiority for the characteristics of its structure and materials, and are stood out in contrast; the characteristics are as below:
1. Good material corrosive resistance, maintenance-free in whole lifetime.
2. High material intensity quality ratio, light structural weight
3. Precise customization of factory, standardization, industrialization
4. High material recycle rate
   I. Characteristics of metal structure     1. Good material corrosive resistance, maintenance-free in whole lifetime     The structure is free from maintenance for the whole lifetime (over 50 years). Aluminum alloy of this model is not damaged by acid environment, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan, and very suitable for using under the high temperature and high humidity, exposed rod, seaside and heavy pollution; it is an ideal choice for green building material.     2. High material intensity quality ratio, light structural weight     Under equal intensity, density of aluminum alloy material is one third of the density of the steel material (the word “steel material” is provided by the Encyclopedia of industry). At present, the tensile strength of the material has been reached 300 MPa. Since the structure is a self-supporting system, a structure with large span and light self-weight is formed; in the structure with equal span, aluminum alloy structure is 1/3-1/4 of the self-weight of the steel structure generally.    3. Precise customization of factory, standardization, industrialization    Standardized factory finish machining. It realized standardization and industrialization of building member, perfected the production efficiency of the previous building industry and improved the social benefit.     4. Full-assembling construction, modularization
  All components are in standardized production at the factory completely and assembled on site. The construction technique is simplified, requirements on construction device and site are reduced. The installing speed is improved, construction cycle is reduced, and about a half construction time can be saved; the construction scene is free from noise, powder dust, sewage and others, and belongs to the typical green construction. 
  5. System integration, function modularization      The whole aluminum alloy stand system is integrated with main structure, function room, control room, stage, sunshield awning, and other functions; a part of function has modularized. It complies with the globally advocated industry development direction of building modularization, industrialization, and standardization, and meets the requirement of green building.   6. High material recycle rate     Meta and aluminum alloy are easy to recycle; the retreatment cost is low, the reuse rate is high, and the recycle value is high; it completely belongs to the energy-saving and environment-friendly green material.  
Traditional concrete stand installing scene  Modern metal structure stand installing scene 
     Traditional concrete structural stand has long cycle in approval and construction, and a series of problems such as big noise and environment pollution will be appeared during construction. The stand cannot be recycled and only can be blasted and removed.      Outstanding advantages of the modern aluminum alloy stand: green and environment-friendly, factory standardized production, simple and fast installation, no pollution, short cycle, and low power-consuming     The biggest advantage is high recycle rate; all materials shall be recycled.
  Metal stand fittings    The aluminum plate of our company applies the material marked as 6063, and its surface applies anodic oxidation treatment; it has super-strong using service life and strong corrosive resistance (service life exceeds 50 years).
Screw and the safety protective screening apply 304 stainless steel; it mainly has the following characteristics : 
1. Environment protection and health
2. Corrosive resistance
3. Heat resistance
4. Extremely good thermal expansion properties and heat insulation performance
   The metal stand seat can customize different colors and dimensions of seat according to customer’s demand.     Passageway type     Stand bottom design   The stand bottom can be reasonably applied to be gym, rest room, retail department, warehouse and others.      Multiple structural choices   Multiple combination plans     One-layered stand+comprehensive control room+hollow blowing plastic seat     One-layered stand+ comprehensive control room+sunshield     Double-layered stand+ comprehensive control room+double-layered multifunctional room+hollow plastic seat     Section structural drawing of stadium     Overall drawing of stadium  


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