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About Us
About Us

        Jiangxi Mingchuan Public Facility Co., Ltd. is seated at Jiujiang of Jiangxi province, Jiujiang is located at the intersection of two major economic development zones of the middle and lower reaches of Yangzte River and Beijing-Kowloon railway, is port city of middle reaches of Yangzte River, one of the first batch of 5 external opening cities along the river in China , and also the transition zone pushed from the Eastern coastal development to the Midwest part; this city is called as "mouth of three rivers, main road for seven provinces" and "eye land of the world", and also titled as "north gate of Jiangxi"; this city closes to the foot of famous mountain Lushan in China, the shore of Poyang Lake which is the largest freshwater lake in China, and is the core zone of national-level Poyang Lake ecological economic zone; the company enjoys the advantaged geological location and forms the complete traffic network of water, land and air.
Founded in 1998, the company is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in research and development, production, sales, and installation of metal structural stand, stretchable stand, temporary dismounting stand. The professional high-quality research and development team applies a three-dimensional molding, SAP2000 structural stress analysis, and defined element structural analysis; the company owns the professional team of national level-1 registered structural engineer (highest level) of the People's Republic of China, and has owned multiple patented technologies of stand system. We continuously promote the technical upgrading and quality of product, optimizes and innovates the product design, production, transportation, installation and other links, and provide high-quality service for you.
The enterprise passes through ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and OHSAS18001 occupational health safety management system certificate.
The product passes through detection and certification of SGS, CE, TUV and other international authorized certificate detection center, and detection certificate of quality detection center of Chinese national sports articles and other Chinese national authorized certificates. Fighting objectives: we are concentrated on the development of this industry, and focused on promoting the research and development, innovation, production technique and on-site installation techniques of products, and creating the company to be the famous technology-leading enterprise of stand seat. Make the world love Made-in-China.
We will spread craftsman's spirit and create exclusive high-quality stand product for you.
   In 1998, several staffs engaged in machining at the state-owned enterprises have founded Jiangjiu Building Machining Factory at #224, Shili Avenue of Jiujiang; the factory was engaged in the machine module processing, and processing and manufacturing of building construction tools. It was a simple processing factory with several partners.

      In 2006, the factory has adjusted the operation strategy and operation scale, remained the machine module processing while helped some enterprises engaged in sports facility operation at Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas to process, produce and install the moveable stand and metal structural stand.

    In 2010, the enterprise has moved to Lushan Automobile Industry Park; the company was renamed as Jiangxi Mingchuan Public Facility Co., Ltd., and continues to remain the machine module processing; meanwhile, the enterprise started to professionally engage in operation activities of metal structural stand, stretchable stand, temporary dismounting stand and seat. Besides, the enterprise started to access to the platform of Alibaba International Station and engaged in international sales business.
Company culture
Mingchuan version and mission
Let the world share the safe, green and environment-friendly novel high-quality stand product. Devote to push the application of new technology, novel green environment friendly material in stand seat, improve the application of metal structural stand, stretchable stand, temporary stand, aluminum alloy seat in building, improve the field using efficiency and save social resource. Make the due contributions to the sustainable development of the world.
Create value for customers
Through continuously promoting the product technological upgrading, improve product quality, optimize and innovate the product design, production, transportation, installation, and other links, and provide the best-value service for you. Meanwhile, we will also provide richer and more scientific personalized product to meet and exceed your expect to excellent product.
Provide stage for fighter
Mingchuan insists on "oriented on fighter", the company evaluates and selects talents upon the responsibility and contribution; thus the enterprise is rapidly developed along with the talent's fighting, the company must become the stage for common growth and dream achievement.
Push benign development of industry
Mingchuan advocates opening, cooperation, and win-win, cooperates with partners and friends at upstream and downstream for innovation, enlarge the industry value, forms health and benign industry ecological system, and pushes the sustainable benign development of the industry.
Mingchuan Honor
Patent Certification
Mingchuan Activities
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